Why Ranthambore Tour Package Is So Famous

Ranthambore Tour Package

While you might have noticed the hype around Ranthambore tour package, you would wonder what is so special about the place. Or, you have admired your friend’s beautiful images to Ranthambore Tour and wished that you could go there too!
But, are you wondering what is so special about Ranthambore? Let’s look

What is so special about Ranthambore tour?

Now, let’s reveal what is so special about Ranthambore tour:

A Treasure for Nature Lover:
Adorned with flora and fauna, Ranthambore tour is a revitalizing trip.
On one side is the Vindhya mountain range that blends perfectly with the Aravali mountain range.
And on the other, is the confluence of River Chambal and Banas.
The enticing place offers views that make Ranthambore tour just so perfect. You can book a cab for Ranthambore tour and have a time with your friends or family.
This place is loved by many and is usually crowded during summer vacations–a time most of us await.


House to Rare Species:
It is not a secret that Ranthambore National Park homes some of the rare species of the world that are not to be seen anywhere else in India.
That is one reason why people love Ranthambore tour so much. Here you get to see the species in their natural habitat. To name some exotic animals, we have:
Five-striped Palm Squirrels
Indian flying fox

Do you want to admire these species in their natural habitat? Then you should definitely go for Ranthambore tour and book a cab right away.


Enthralling Ranthambore Jeep Safari:
Get ready for your heart to skips a beat. Jeep safari is an enthralling experience and a must-do for you.
Take a back seat as the jeep takes turns round the thick forest and you get to admire the gorgeous animals and species. There are more than 300 species that you get to admire.
Do we really need to give you more reasons to take the Ranthambore tour?

Bird Watch:
If you consider yourself to be a birder, this is something you cannot afford to miss.
Ranthambore is carpeted with varied terrains and water bodies that attract unusual and quaint birds.
Till date, there are more than 200 birds documented.
Curious enough? You need to book a cab for Ranthambore tour to truly experience the majestic beauty.

Bird Watch

Pay Homage to Bengal Tigers:
Ranthambore is known to be the biggest Tiger empire.
You would know why Ranthambore tour is so popular, as soon as you step into the tiger world.
Also, this was earlier a private hunting ground for the kings. While Bengali tigers are famous, you get to admire other varieties.
From toothless tigress posing for you to couple tigers playfully gaining your attention to ferocious tigers, you will surely have stories to take back home.

Bengal Tigers

Village Women Craft:
This one is a hidden treasure. This is a quaint place where women artists showcase their talent by curating handmade wildlife painting, fine woolen and silk carpet, rugs, floor coverings, etc.
If you want to take a piece of Ranthambore back home, visit this place and take souvenirs back home.

Village Women Craft

So this is the reason people love Ranthambore Tour Package and you should for once, visit this place. But, do you know what is the best way to travel?
You should prefer to book a cab from Jaipur to Ranthambore and enjoy the tranquil road trip. You need to be in Ranthambore to actually experience the exhilarating wildlife and natural beauty. Also, contact us if you are planning for a Ranthambore tour. Our cabs in Jaipur are made to make your trip comfortable and safe.
Happy traveling!